Wecome to Dactari Health, Integrated Helathcare IT Solutions and Services provider

Primary Health Service is the foundation for any healthcare system across the globe. But people in rural and remote areas across Africa are deprived of basic health services due to lack of clinics, hospitals and specialist doctors; and travel to urban cities for doctor consultation would cost them time and money. As a result, African healthcare is currently focused to gain sustainability in provision of primary healthcare services and ensuring easy health access to its population.

Afya TeleHealth is a primary healthcare service delivery platform, which addresses the above issues and helps extend quality healthcare to remote population of Africa. This innovative platform provides dedicated, professional and compassionate healthcare services utilizing instant communication over the telephone.

Afya TeleHealth facilitates easy medical consultation and increases the overall accessibility to healthcare at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hospital visit, by eliminating overheads concerning travel time and cost.

Afya TeleHealth Services Overview

Afya TeleHealth Center has both TeleHealth Consultants and Specialist Doctors Panel to provide Tele-Healthcare consulting services. A registered* patient contacts the TeleHealth center and apprises the medical professional about his/her health condition. After a comprehensive understanding of the condition, the patient is connected to a specialist Doctor for further diagnosis. An e-prescription on a need-basis can be generated which the patient receives through SMS / E-mail / Patient Portal.

* Registration involves a simple process of subscribing to the TeleHealth services.

Quality and Safety Measures:

  • Our solution assures accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment by engaging trained and certified professionals to render healthcare services
  • Bird's eye view of patient health data, focused on disease occurrence and identification of patterns
  • Appropriate authentication by Specialist Doctors prior to sending an e-prescription to patients

Afya TeleHealth is Best Suited for:

  • Health Insurance companies : To reduce the number of hospital visits by their customers and hence, a reduction in associated claim costs
  • Corporate Customers : Conglomerates in Telecom, Banking, Retail, Education etc. can avail Afya TeleHealth for addressing non emergency health issues of their customers as well as their employees, leading to an increase in customer loyalty and improved employee retention
  • NGOs : To ease the process and increase the quality of providing primary healthcare to their adopted communities
  • Government : To help deliver better healthcare to the population at a national/regional level
  • Universities : To provide immediate healthcare access to the students, rendering first level of medical care

(Kindly email us at healthcare.solutions@dactarihealth.com or call us at +27 105004708 to know more about Afya TeleHealth and avail our TeleHealth services)


  • Helps patients connect with healthcare providers; anytime and anywhere via phone
  • Avoids the inconvenience of long waiting and travel for health care
  • Generates 'plan of care' and e-prescription through email or SMS service
  • Enables cost effective, quality healthcare services
  • Quick and reliable access to specialty healthcare
  • Exclusive online appointment booking facility through Patient Portal
  • Assists healthcare providers to have medical data of patients across Africa, for epidemiological statistics

Key Differentiators

  • Ensures Africa has access to cost effective quality healthcare 24/7
  • Efficient service delivery with a combination of high end technology and experienced medical professionals
  • Provides easy view of past consultation history by doctors; thereby advocates better-informed care decisions
  • Ensures secure and trusted medical recordkeeping
  • Communication and service delivery in local language
  • Unique facility to view online healthcare tips and precautions alongside doctor case studies
  • Prescriptions can be sent instantly to nearby pharmacies of patient's choice after mobile consultation
  • Supports efficient delivery of medical education and raises awareness about the various diseases