Wecome to Dactari Health, Integrated Helathcare IT Solutions and Services provider


  • 14th February 2014 : Dactari Health features in The Asian Weekly

      The Asian Weekly, Kenya's first weekly Asian newspaper, finds Dhanush Infotech's contribution in improving Kenya's health care system through Dactari Health noteworthy. This post features in its latest edition 183, 21st – 27th February 2014. Seen in the image are DSN Murthy (CEO, Dhanush Infotech) and Dennis Itumbi (Director, Digital Strategy Innovation and Diaspora Relations).



      Dhanush Infotech opened its new offices and training centres' at Rahimtullah Towers on February 14. Being one of the global leaders in terms of IT service, Dhanush Infotech aims to provide medical services to people in remote areas by using Tele-health. Dactari Health is a software focussed on health and it has been specialized for the African market explained Dr. Emily Obwaka, a public health specialist currently working with Dactari Health.


      After setting up in countries like India and Australia, Kenya was targeted for establishment as it is seen as "head of directing Africa in the right direction," said the MD and CEO of Dhanush Infotech DSN Murthy. Although costs of the infrastructure can be estimated to about 200 million, friends of the state house digital team will provide servers that will ensure free wi-fi. "No tax-payers money is spent in establishing the wi-fi," ensured Dennis Itumbi, the Director of Digital Strategy Innovation and Diaspora Relations.


      Since the country lacks a comprehensive medical database for individuals as suggested by Itumbi, Dactari Health steps in to store electronic medical records for patients at any particular time assisting with an accurate diagnosis anywhere in the country. Such innovative ideas are welcome by the State House as the President will be hosting the Africa Innovative Summit soon, with the launch scheduled in the next three weeks.


  • 12 Feb 2014, Kenya: Dactari Health features in Kenya's largest newspaper


      Dactari Health features in an exclusive story of The Standard, the largest Kenyan newspaper, in its edition of 12th February 2014.


      The post describes Kenyan government's plans to digitise health care to make it more accessible to people from rural and remote regions and how Dactari Healths' Afya Telemedicine would be instrumental in its nation-wide implementation.


      Dr Emily Obwaka, Chief Strategy Officer at Dactari Health and also a Public Health specialist, is quoted at length. She explains the benefits it would bestow on people, the business model and future plans.


  • 12th November 2013 : MoA signed with Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya

      Dactari Health has signed a MoA with Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya on 12 Nov 2013


      Dactari Total Health Care Solutions (Dactari) has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK) to provide its proprietary Telecare Solution, Afya Telemedicine (ATM) software in a SAAS model to PSK members.


      PSK is a Nairobi, Kenya based non-profit member organization and is a representative organization that was formed to enable Pharmacist's employ their professional expertise in the care of patients. PSK would use Afya Telemedicine software to facilitate health consulting services to remote patients.



      • Establish strategic association between both the parties to provide quality healthcare services to paying patients
      • Derive the mutual benefits to both the parties with the agreed revenue sharing model on the patient fee
      • Provide paying patients a time efficient approach to Doctor’s consultation by employing through Telemedicine
      • Improve accessibility, equity, affordability and quality essential healthcare services
      • Leverage healthcare to the patients at nearest location and enable virtual Doctor through ATM

      Dactari and PSK have mutually agreed to start a pilot project with three pharmacies.


  • 26th September, 2013 : Firm Bets on Telemedicine to reach needy Patients




      The Kenya Medical Women's Association (Kemwa) has launched a digital health care management system linking clinics across the country. Kemwa has partnered with Dactari Health to have its 400 members incorporate the Afya Digital Doctor (ADD) software to digitise outpatient services, freeing up doctors to attend to patients.


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  • 19th September, 2013 :Dactari Health in IT Solution, partnership with KMWA


      With the solution, it will be possible for independent practitioners and clinics to coordinate their management processes within a consulting office, therefore minimising the time spent on mundane tasks such as sorting through billing and managing patient records. The agreement will allow both parties to share the revenue benefits that come from doctors' adoption of the solution.


      "The partnership being initiated today with the Kenya Medical Women's Association is a very happy one for Dactari Health because it makes absolute sense that an IT firm should 'wed' an organisation that has doctors who will use its solutions," said Dr Emily Obwaka of Dactari Health. "At the same time, KMWA is advantaged by having an IT partner that will help its members improve their services to patients and become more profitable."


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  • 19th September, 2013 : Now You Can Spend Less Time In The Hospital, Thanks To Afya Digital Doctor


      Dactari Health Solutions has partnered with the Kenya Medical Women's Associations (KMWA) to provide the Afya Digital Doctor (ADD). The solution will be provided by Dactari Health Ltd.an organization that provides health IT solutions and is based in Nairobi Kenya. The ADD it is created for independent practitioners' and clinics to help co- ordinate all management processes within a consulting office therefore minimizing the time spent on routine tasks such as sorting through billing and managing patient records.


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  • 19th September, 2013 : Health sector expanding its services digitally Nairobi


      Healthcare Industry is doing its best daily to ensure that digital medical facilities are in use so as to ensure better medical services. All this is in effort to revolutionize healthcare in Africa!


      This comes as a result of Dactari Health Solutions partnering with Kenya Medical Women's Association (KMWA) with mutual benefits for each other. With the four medical solutions that Dactari health has for instance Afya Health care, Afya management system, Afya Telemedicine and greatest of all Afya Digital Doctor ,consultation process is going to be easier and doctors will easily manage clinics.


      The two Organizations intend to employ IT solutions through the digital doctor for independent medical practitioners and clinics to help co-ordinate all management processes across the nation. This will help in minimizing time spent completing mundane tasks such as sorting and managing patient's records.



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  • 19th September, 2013 : Dactari Health in IT Solution, partnership with KMWA


      Dactari Total Health Solutions has signed a partnership with the Kenya Medical Women's Association (KMWA) that will see members across the country adopt the Afya Digital Doctor (ADD) solution that promises to bring efficiency to private offices. With the solution, it will be possible for independent practitioners and clinics to coordinate their management processes within a consulting office, therefore minimising the time spent on mundane tasks such as sorting through billing and managing patient records.


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      We finally held the KMWA –Dactari signing ceremony at the Laico-Regency Hotel. There were just under 35 members of the media and representatives from both organizations; total in attendance at an estimate of 50. The ceremony started at about 11:30 and lasted for an hour. After the speeches by the two company representative; Dr. Praxy Okutoyi for KMWA and Dr. Emily Obwaka for Dactari Health, the signing was done and then an active question and answer session held. Questions were insightful – covering information about the specific solution being employed in the KMWA agreement (Afya Digital Doctor), Dactari's other solutions( Afya Health Management System, Afya Telemedicine and Afya Digital Health), the extent to which IT can make a difference in medical care and targeting of the children with special needs, public health significance of IT in healthcare and whether private sector would really be willing to participate in a central repository. The gathering celebrated in a reception after the vote of thanks was done.

      Today, several media houses have covered the story especially on internet. We have a ophthalmology clinic that has called as a result of having heard about the solution. We have an interview lined up with the Nation Business Daily on the Telemedicine.

      Overall, the event was a great success and clearly begins to get people to know about Dactari Health Solutions. We are hopeful that if we can do a few more prominent media several events, it would raise the public profile of the company and attract more business.

      We begin the roll of ADD next week with the first clinic belonging to KMWA receiving free solution; implementation, training and support. The clinic will pay for subscription @ the agreement level (Ksh.100). I have listed:




      Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives me great pleasure to preside over this signing of a new partnership with Dactari Health on Information Technology. Indeed, Vision 2030 underscores the importance of ICT as Kenya strives towards achieving a middle income country economy status. Health has a major role to play in this achievement and our Association does too.

      Kenya Medical Women's Association was founded in 1983 to serve as a membership organization for female medical doctors and dentists in Kenya. After 30 years in existence, KMWA boasts a membership of more than 400 medical professionals. Its mission is "to champion for the improved health and dignity of society, particularly [to] vulnerable groups." It accomplishes this mission by focusing on strategic issues including Maternal and Child Health, Gender Equality, Health System Strengthening through projects that focus on, for example, microbicide research and fistula treatments. One of the organizations biggest accomplishments are two well woman's clinics that run regularly and which are located in the greater Nairobi area to provide "improved and affordable reproductive health care to expanded populations."

      KMWA is a firm proponent of public-private partnerships that bring change to the Health Sector. Over the last year, KMWA has partnered with various organizations like PUREIT, Standard Chartered Bank, and Philips (Fabric of Africa Campaign in Kenya and Philips Cairo to Cape Town Road Show) to implement programmes that are in line with its core mission. KMWA has also made significant contributions to the national government by creating a health manual for parliamentarians which was launched last year. As KMWA moves to its next frontier, it will be rolling out a media campaign that will address healthcare accessibility for all Kenyans, affordability of quality and specialized healthcare, procurement of essential drugs and equipment, training and personnel development within the Health Sector and finally improving health infrastructure.

      KMWA is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and it has already done several activities to this end such as medical camps, health talks to schools and TV talk shows. The highlight of our celebration will be a Symposium with the theme 'Universal access to medical care…" on the 9th September 2013.

      On behalf of KMWA, I take this opportunity to invite Dactari and all its other partners and the media to join hands to celebrate the 30 years that KMWA has contributed to healthcare in Kenya through medical care provision, management, research, medical education and health policy planning and advocacy.

      We are happy for the partnership with Dactari Total Healthcare solutions as it comes at this opportune time to affirm KMWA's belief in continuing to improve healthcare and increase medical access to the least in our country. We recognize and want to take advantage of Dactari's strengths in IT to improve quality in the way we provide health care services. We recognize IT's potential to improve the health standards in our country and its potential for facilitating interoperability across private and public sectors as it is used within and across different health care settings. We also recognize the potential there is in having a central repository for health information and understanding epidemiological patterns that can then help decision makers make important decisions regarding health priorities for timely health interventions and for budgeting. Dactari solution -Afya Telemedicine - is one of the solutions that we look forward to using to further serve our mission to reach the remotest parts of our country with medical care from right where we are.

      As we sign this memorandum of agreement, I call upon all doctors in practice to consider taking on the Afya Digital Doctor for their clinics. This is a certain tool to help us all improve the overall quality, safety and efficiency of our clinics and the healthcare system in general. The revenue gained through this partnership will help KMWA further its mission and vision as it propels into its next decade of existence and provides service to the vulnerable members of society especially women and children.



  • 3 July 2013 : Dactari solutions are moved to Cloud for easy adoption, reduce Total Cost of Ownership, avoid capital expenditure and leverage pay as you grow model

      Dactari solutions are moved to Cloud for easy adoption, reduce Total Cost of Ownership, avoid capital expenditure and leverage pay as you grow model