Wecome to Dactari Health, Integrated Helathcare IT Solutions and Services provider


Dactari Health provides efficient, cost-effective and accurate data migration services. We have the knowledge and expertise to smoothly and securely transfer data in accordance with your specific needs and applicable legal and industry standards. Our data migration specialists work with you to properly organize and prepare your data, files and applications for migration between storage devices, systems or site locations with minimal interruption to your business.



Though our solutions satisfy 90% of hospital needs in "out of the box" manner, often a small amount of customization is required to meet our customer's needs. Customizations frequently take the form of modifying page layouts and creating new fields, implementing data access rules, customizing online member application forms and approval processes, branding of the member portal page and modifications to the standard email notifications.


Integrations with Third Party Applications

Dactari Health's third party application integration services provide easy real-time access to third-party systems by leveraging the contemporary technologies. Our excellent knowledge of the domain, years of experience in software development and testing help us understand even the most complex solutions rapidly and come up with the most innovative ideas.