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In today's world, despite several advances made in the medical field, the benefits are still available to the privileged few residing in the urban areas. People living in rural and remote areas struggle to access prompt, good-quality and specialty medical care. Afya Telemedicine has the potential to bridge this gap and facilitate healthcare in the rural areas across Africa.

Afya Telemedicine facilitates medical care using interactive audio, visual and data communications. This cutting- edge solution ensures the delivery of medical care, diagnosis, consultation and treatment, as well as health awareness and the transfer of medical data. Afya Telemedicine brings the healthcare within the reach for rural patients in areas where healthcare is limited or absent in Africa. Further, it allows patients to seek medical care in case of an emergency or otherwise.


Afya Telemedicine is an advanced Tele-care solution with unique technology architecture that helps in providing quality remote monitoring in emergencies and in the rehabilitation of critically and chronically ill patients. It is aimed at building a remote connectivity between doctor and rural patients to improve emergency response care and ensure continuous care.

Key elements of Afya Telemedicine:

  • Remote consultation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote education through video communication using advanced Telemedicine peripherals


  • Increase in scope of services without creating physical infrastructure in remote hospitals
  • Bridges the gap between doctor panel and patients to ensure better health coverage
  • Ensures convenient and affordable care to remote population
  • Helps expand patient outreach
  • Continuous health monitoring by logging observations for analysis, future reference and referrals
  • Patients do not have to travel to urban areas for Doctor Consultation
  • Security and confidentiality of patient data is ensured
  • Impart medical education, health awareness and training through video conferencing
  • Enables data and images to be digitized, compressed, transmitted, stored, retrieved and read without any significant loss of audio, video and image interpretation quality

Key Differentiators

  • Created with inputs from expert Healthcare and Technical professionals having over three decades of experience in the African Healthcare Industry
  • Supports multiple communication media like Internet, ISDN etc. with the ability to use even at low bandwidth
  • Superior quality of voice and audio communication
  • Multi-participant video conferencing
  • Access the patient history and demographics on demand
  • Access to disease-specific care profiles
  • Flexible integration with standard medical devices
  • Offline mode available to ensure non-disruptive operations, in case of connectivity issues. Data collected then would be uploaded to a central database server upon internet availability