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Hospital Information Management
Afya Hospital Information
Management System

Many African hospitals face immense pressure to provide affordable patient care apart from overcoming clinical management, resourcing and communication issues.

Clinical Practice Management
Afya Digital Doctor

Quality of Care is a great challenge to individual general practitioners and clinics in Africa. With healthcare revolutionizing every day, clinics and practitioners are in favor of adopting newer technology to provide quality primary care to patients.

Afya Telemedicine
In today's world, despite several advances made in the medical field, the benefits are still available to the privileged few residing mainly in the urban areas. Afya Telemedicine has the potential to bridge this gap and facilitate healthcare in the rural areas across Africa.
Afya TeleHealth

Afya TeleHealth is a primary healthcare service delivery platform, which addresses the healthcare issues and helps extend quality healthcare to remote population of Africa. This innovative platform provides dedicated, professional and compassionate healthcare services utilizing instant communication over the telephone.

Diagnostic Information Management
Afya Clinical Diagnostic
Information System

Africa is striving to provide basic public health needs through proper diagnosis of patients. Diagnostic centers in Africa face pressure in handling the diagnosis information accurately.

Pharmacy Management
Afya Pharmacy
Management System
African pharmacies are transforming to adopt a patient-centric approach rather than acting as a drug dispensary. Today pharmacies need a robust solution, having the capability to store patients' e-prescriptions and tracking medication stock efficiently.

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Dactari Health Solutions Limited is a fast growing integrated and comprehensive healthcare solution provider based out of Nairobi, Kenya. Dactari Health's objective is to accomplish the IT needs of different healthcare units and ensure that all Africans obtain better health coverage. Our products are designed for the African healthcare system. The products are user friendly and are built on cutting-edge technologies to ensure modularity, scalability, advanced analytics and flexible integration.